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RJ Watters-Rocketship Tours VP Sales & Marketing-Moonandback Media Interview

RocketShip Tours Ticket Winner First Croatian In Space

Twenty seven (27) year old Iva Butorac from Rijeka will be the first Croatian to go into space. She won the half-hour sub-orbital trip on the Rocketship Tours Lynx Rocketplane being built by XCOR Aerospace, during a hockey game and said she was both delighted and scared....Check out the original Croation Times article here and at the Balkans Business News here and the news item here along with the newsletter article here (in Croation) and here .
Also, view her RocketShip Tours ticket-winning moment here:
And here is her YouTube video (in Croation):


Jules Klar Sells First RocketShip Tours Spaceflight Ticket To Adventurer Per Wimmer (video)

Per Wimmer speaks at an XCOR Aerospace press conference, after purchasing the first ticket from Jules Klar, CEO of RocketShip Tours, for a suborbital ride on the XCOR Lynx. Above is a video of Danish adventurer/financier Per Wimmer purchasing that very first ticket from Jules Klar for a trip into sub-orbital space on the XCOR Aerospace Lynx Rocketplane and a succeeding interview with Space Lifestyle Magazine on December 2, 2008 at the Beverly Hills Hilton in California.

RocketShip Tours Sells First Space Travel Ticket to Adventurer Per Wimmer

First RocketShip Tours customer Per Wimmer of  Denmark is awarded a ceremonial ticket by RocketShipTours CEO Jules Klar
 after signing the final page of a contract to be the first Lynx space flight participant
Mojave, CA : December 2, 2008 – Travel entrepreneur, Jules Klar, who introduced hundreds of thousands of Americans to European travel in the 1960’s has taken luxury travel to new heights—the edge of space. Jules Klar, founder of Phoenix, AZ-based RocketShip Tours, has announced that his company will immediately begin selling rides to the edge of space for $95,000 per flight. Participants will fly aboard the Lynx, a two-seat suborbital vehicle being built by California-based XCOR Aerospace.

XCOR: Making Private Spaceflight Real

Mark Street with XCOR Aerospace
Interview with XCOR Engineer Mark Street by D Minus Zero
 D Minus Zero Blog:  - August 16, 2010
When you were a kid, what did you imagine spaceflights would look like in the future?
Did you imagine space missions in a big rocket, or your own personal spaceship? For me, I always was fond of the idea of building my own personal spaceship, and traveling from planet to planet. It may be far off into the future, but then again, it may be closer than we all thought. Companies like XCOR remind me of that dream, and they are making those dreams a reality, one step at a time. I will briefly cover who and what XCOR is, and dive a little deeper with Mark Street, an Engineer with the company who I had the privilege to interview via e-mail.
What is XCOR?

South Korean Space Center Selects XCOR’s Lynx for Suborbital Operations

Yecheon Space Center in South Korea
Mojave, CA, USA & Yecheon-gun, ROK: December 17, 2009 --The Yecheon Astro Space Center announced today that it has selected XCOR Aerospace as its preferred supplier of suborbital space launch services. Operating under a wet lease model, XCOR intends to supply services to the Center using the Lynx Mark II suborbital vehicle, pending United States government approvals to station the vehicle in the Republic of Korea.